Skip Day 2, Here’s Day 3

It appears I have already failed my own September Challenge. But, as I am the creator of the challenge I can thus challenge myself again to write two posts today to make up for not writing one yesterday. So, here is my first post, or rather yesterdays post. The thing that really gets me about not writing yesterday was that I had so many things I wanted to write about, at least three different topics. The first being about Ernest Hemingway. I was reading the BBC and they had an article about Hemingway and about how, he, as a literary and war icon is diminishing from our memories and from the ideal ‘American in Paris’ writer. “Hey, Hey, Hey”, I thought, “this can’t be true, as I would love to be sitting in little Parisian cafe’s writing all day and drinking all night”. The problem is that now-a-days we have a bit more common sense and almost anyone who is writing probably has to pay off student loans and can’t just bum around Paris. Since when really has anyone really been able to “bum around Paris”.

The second topic I was going to talk about was the relationship of nanny’s/babysitters to their employers. I’ve recently taken on a second job as a part-time babysitter and while I feel appreciated, I also feel like I’m considered “the help”. There also doesn’t seem to be a line these days between a babysitter and a housekeeper. Both do different things, and both cost different amounts of money. Why do people not understand this. Perhaps if I advertised myself as a housekeeper/babysitter I could get paid more, but I don’t really like the idea of cleaning up after someone else when I can hardly clean up after myself.

There was a third topic, I’m sure of it. Because right before leaving for Bar Trivia I was debating what sort of topic to contain into a blog post. It seems to have escaped me. Well, in other news, I finished reading my fictional novel about Zelda Fitzgerald. While before I felt like I knew the Fitzgerald’s, now I am sure that I didn’t and I am also not sure that I would have wanted to. I’ll just have to content myself with trying to find a copy of Zelda’s book, Save Me The Waltz. 

See you this afternoon!

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