Post 3: Success!

Success! I have started my third post on the third day of my self made challenge. I could stop writing now and call it good, but I will provide a little “meat” as one might say. This is particularly difficult because I now want to go to sleep and am staying up to write this post. It isn’t even that late, but I’m bored and it’s dark out so that means bed time.

Tonight I went to this City Arts event in downtown Hartford (or some sort of CT art organization) at City Steam Brewery. I paid $10 to what I thought would be a nice, fun, artsy, young crowd, drinking beer and doing screen printing. But what I walked into was a nice, older, predominately female, wine drinking crowd judging me for wearing animal print shorts. How was I supposed to know that it was a young professionals introduction meeting to start a new group of young professionals? There are so many organizations for young professionals in Hartford that I can’t really be bothered to keep them all strait. I did get to hang out with a friend and drink good beer and take home my screen printing pieces so all in all it was a positive experience.

On other news, my cat is really rude and keeps attacking my arms and legs as I am typing so I must give up this post and tend to my cat.


until tomorrow!



Cat in a bag.

Recently my small family, my husband and my kitty and I, have taken a new adventure to Connecticut. Of course we took the cat. Some people were saying “Free Ringo!” He is a babied and wouldn’t make it a few days on his own, I’m convinced. Here is a picture of my darling boy in his kitty carrier and yes we may have given him a small tranquilizer for the plane ride but overall he didn’t make a peep and he seems to be adjusting nicely. 079 085blog sign off