The Beach


Camping crew at the Beach!

Let’s start off by making one thing very clear; the West Coast and the East Coast are incredibly different. Of course this may be obvious to most (including myself) but it still doesn’t account for the fact that the first time I went to the East Coast beach, Hammonasset Beach, I was expecting a similar coast line. I may have been disappointed but I will never tell you to what degree.

I’ve grown up on the California coast, living there and then going every summer after tragically moving away from it. I remember the salt wind, the sometimes scary but mostly thrilling waves, the soft sand that gets everywhere, and the feeling that the ocean was alive and was meant for me. Let’s just say that the East Coast, specifically Hammonasset Beach, is a little lacking in those things.

Not to complain, I had a lovely time at the beach for our camping trip. But I felt like I was swimming in more of a salty lake than the ocean, I’m sure that is mainly because there are no waves but also because the beach is actually located in the Long Island Sound and not a direct link to the Atlantic. No waves, pebbly sand (our area was nicely sanded but some areas were rocky), and overly salty water. See, BIG difference. I still spent 90% of the day swimming in the water. Quite a bit away from the shoreline as the children were a tad out of control. The salty water made it so easy and relaxing to float around.

If the beach were closer you can bet I would be there a whole lot more often.

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