Visitors, or, Staycation

I’ve just gotten over a flurry of visitors and familiarity. The past couple of weeks have been busy, exhausting, expensive, involving lots of alcohol and friends; they have been absolutely fabulous. We had my sister-in-law (one of my bff’s) and her boyfriend who is my husbands bff come stay with us for a week followed by another friend of Man’s staying for the weekend followed by another friend of mine staying for the weekend. See, exhausting and phenomenal.



Four friends on the Connecticut Coast

I don’t think I ever realized the strain of having guests stay with you for long periods of time. I now completely understand how frazzled my mother used to get when we would have family in town. The stress of making sure the house looks spectacularly clean, that you have fresh towels, extra snacks and three kinds of foods for the three meals of the day for at least every day your guest is staying, just in case you decide to not go out to eat! There is also the pressure of keeping people entertained. It is like taking a stay-cation at your house with your friends but you are the concierge. You get to suggest things and take them around town and show them the sights. It really is an exciting thing because lets just be honest, you aren’t going around to see the landmarks and sight-see unless you have friends in town or are new to the area (like me!).

It was a month filled with wine tastings, tours of the Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe houses, the 2nd best wings in the country, lots of wine and beer and gin and pretty much every type of alcohol, trips to the coast, oysters, mini golf, homemade donuts, eating too much, walks along the farmington river, and best of all laughs with some of the best family and friends!


Even Ringo wanted to play cards.

If you didn’t already know, I love hosting and having people over. It doesn’t matter how stressful it is trying to clean, feed, and entertain people, I LOVE IT! Come visit me, I’ll take care of you. You’ll even get your own room and mini shampoos!

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