Disney World; every child’s dream

Recently I took one of those silly online quiz’s that is supposed to tell you what your mental age is. Surprise surprise I got 10. I don’t think it is supposed to be an insult or anything. I don’t have the brain capacity of a 10 year old, I just like 10 year old things. And as I sit here writing this and watching Pocahontus on Netflix I realize that yeah, okay, the test is fairly accurate. To top it off we went to Disney World a couple weeks ago. But, whoever says that Disney is just for kids is missing out and probably doesn’t have the best imagination in my opinion. The Man and I had the best time at Disney World. We went to 3 of the 4 parks, unfortunately the Magic Kingdom was blacked out for us so we couldn’t go there. We went  to Epcot, The Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I don’t know if I would ever take children to Epcot, but we sure had a hell of a time drinking around the world. We also had some of the best people watching. Here are some silly photos of our trip.

IMG_0648 IMG_0650

This is Epcot from the outside. We got there pretty early and stayed until mid-day before going to the Animal Kingdom. Me on the left posing in front of a pillar from “France”.

IMG_0654 IMG_0655

Here I am with the Hulk in the lego store, he is made out of legos! The lego store is at Downtown Disney and is a fun place to go shopping and try out the different restaurants. Me and Man on the right are standing in front of the NYC backdrop at Hollywood Studios.

IMG_0656 IMG_0657


The LARGEST (and probably unnecessary) ice cream that I had on our last day and a palm tree. I took the palm tree photo on our way to the airplane to go back home. Our flight left around 9:30 am but the bus to the airport left at 6am!

I don’t really feel like I went to Florida at all, rather a small Disney bubble. We stayed at a Disney Hotel, got around on Disney buses, ate at Disney restaurants and spent all day at the parks. But, overall this was a fun, yet exhausting, weekend. I’ve already started planning next years trip to go to the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios (HARRY POTTER LAND!!). I would recommend going to Disney World or Land without your kids at least once to just enjoy some sunshine, fast rides, and drinks. It was a lot of fun. I honestly don’t know how families take their babies and itty bitty kids on these trips, talk about twice the exhaustion! But you could argue that it is twice the fun.

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