Snow Day


We have had two snow days this week. Monday was all gloom and snow and then Tuesday melted all the snow away, and now, Wednesday the snow has been nonstop. At one point it was more of a rain, but, it has produced about a foot of fluffy white snow all over the place. Of course they closed the schools, producing yet another official snow day! So, what do you do when you are all snowed in? There are so many possibilities. I spent most of Monday reading and writing my Valentines day cards. Wednesday I had to be a little more creative with myself. I’ve done my chores (yes, at 24 I have created a chore chart to evenly distribute household chores) read, and created.


You could draw or experiment with pencils or water colors. I like to listen to music and then  attempt to be creative.

IMG_0581IMG_0587IMG_0588IMG_0585Playing with animals is also a fun thing to do when it snows. They are so cuddly and warm. This is Ringo, looking outside the window.


You could also become an amateur candle maker. I bought some cheap candles from the Goodwill and then melted them down so they would stay in these aluminum cans for easy outdoor summer candles. Candle making is exhausting and the wax shavings melt down to a lot less than expected.

IMG_0590  Tea and cookies are of course a must. Tea is always a delicious snow day beverage. If you aren’t a tea person than coffee or hot chocolate is a good beverage as well.



Happy snow day!

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