Rantings of a 24 year old. Part 1

Alright, I’m going out on a limb here and posting this. Why? Maybe I’m bored…

Do you ever think that if you could just get everything down on the page that you could make things right? Or even just better?

After moving across the country to Connecticut, a place where the Stepford Wives have a hold on my mind, I was hoping that it would be the best kind of start over that anyone could have. Before we moved my fancy schmancy advertising office had a Halloween party. At said Halloween party there was a psychic who told me that Connecticut was going to be a dream come true and that I would be happy and have more friends there than I did in SLC. I mean honestly, who says stuff like that. But alas I believe her. I left the Salty City without crying with my new husband to start our new lives in a place where 12 degrees is a common winter temperature.

It took 2 planes and half a day of traveling with a rather large cat to get to lovely Farmington Connecticut where the average age is 20 years my senior. How do you find a place to live when you have never been to the area before? I can’t even imagine moving a family. Moving the cat was hard enough. When my husband’s family moved to America his mother moved a family of 6, which means 4 kids! The poor woman. Anyways, moving across the country, you would think it would be simple. Pack your car, drive away. Here is my dilema, when you are doing these things you are either moving away from home or going back home. You are moving with a box of clothes and maybe your best friend is manning shotgun as you stop at every delicious looking hamburger place on the way home. Or maybe that is just how they do it in my imagination since I never actually have.

So here I am; 24, married, unemployed and in a new state. If you had told me this when I was 20 I would not have believed you, okay I might have believed you if you were psychic. The first thing I was supposed to do was get the house organized, unpacked, and cleaned. The second was to get a job. I was so sure that by January I would have a job set up in advertising that everything would be perfect and my biggest concern was how I was going to take extra time off so that hubby and I could go on fabulous weekend trips up and down the Eastern coast. Honestly, someone should have slapped me. Currently I find myself out of things to watch on Netflix with a desire to start reading the Twilight series over again. Help!

I have applied to jobs, as of right now 7 jobs, and I even had an interview. I’m not sure what it is about me where I have to try a million times before landing something. I’m not really surprised, this happened my senior year of college too. I think I applied to around 50 jobs before I was actually hired. I blamed it on the economy then, but, the fact that I even applied to so many places means they were available and I can’t blame the economy that much. Being a grown up is hard and it really sucks sometimes. Yes I can eat cookies for breakfast but the sad thing is that I no longer want to. I want to eat something healthy and filling mainly because with age comes weight. (Okay you caught me; I do eat cookies for breakfast.)

You would think that applying to jobs within your field of study would make it easier to find a job. I have worked in marketing and advertising for the past 3 years and somehow I still feel inadequate, as if I am still not a part of the secret club and everyone is judging me for being stupid, harsh I know. No one seems to want to give me a chance. Don’t they remember when they were given a chance? When I interview with women they judge me for being either to pretty or not pretty enough or too air headed.  When I interview with men they judge me for not being a man. At this point I am seriously considering why I even went to college in the first place. Was it for the experience? Apparently I am supposed to make more money and be valued more with a degree. But you know something, I made more money serving tables and babysitting than I did at any of my “real jobs”. Those of you who know what I’m talking about are nodding along pondering your own big kid jobs and comparing them to your college jobs, I can picture it now. Yes I am happy I got a degree and got to experience classes and learn but it could have been anything and I’m pretty sure I would still be 24, married, and unemployed living in Connecticut. So, why do I feel this incessant need to get a job that is related to Marketing? SOCIETY! Well today I am saying SCREW SOCIETY! Actually, I probably say that on a daily basis, but as of right now I am going to think of starting from the bottom up somewhere else.

Meanwhile my subconscious is in mediation mode with the mantra of “please hire me, please hire me, please hire me” repeating in her head.

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One thought on “Rantings of a 24 year old. Part 1

  1. Hey Lady! I am sad that you are sad. I just want to let you know 7 isn’t a lot! I’ve heard you have to apply for tons of jobs, and the fact that you got an interview is good enough! Although it’s terrifying that 3 years of experience doesn’t get you a job either 😦 The good thing is I’m sure that Seattle will probably have tons more advertising jobs? Hopefully!

    Until then, you should read Ask a Manager. Mostly because some of the questions are hilarious and interesting, but she also talks about hiring things too, which can be helpful!

    As for Netflix, I highly recommend Hart of Dixie. I’ve watched all two seasons in the past week or two (way too fast) and it is cute, lighthearted drama about Rachel Bilson moving to Alabama (at least you didn’t move there?) from Manhattan.

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