Wine Tasting: Haight-Brown Vineyard

Wine tasting round three, Haight-Brown Vineyard. Unlike the other two vineyards this one was not in the midst of houses but rather near a farm and some large open fields. The winery room was absolutely beautiful, I mean look at that pretty building! IMG_0410





Here are some of the vineyards. It was a small one right on the side of the house but it looked like there were some more in the back. They don’t produce all the grapes for their wines, but a good amount.



We arrived right when they opened so it was not crowded. There was a group of people who did their tasting at the same time as us (you can see their lovely backs in the picture on the right). They came in from a snow shoeing adventure, which seems like a good thing to get in to.


IMG_0419I tried to take a few photos that would show off the beauty of this place. There were about 4 long tasting tables that were upstairs. Man is nicely showing off the stairs for you.

The tastings are $9 and you get to try all ten wines and keep your glass. They also serve cheese and chocolate that they have paired perfectly with their wines. We didn’t have the chance to do that this time but our tasting partners did and it seemed like a delicious thing to do next time.

IMG_0414 This is a lovely picture of their tasting menu and below is a lovely wine glass that we got to keep as a souvenir.


We tasted 10 wines; Chardonnay, Railway White, Covertside White, Riesling, Strawberry Bliss, Picnic Red, Morning Harvest, Big Red, Honey Nut Apple, and Applecrannie. I liked about half of them and Man liked just a few. The reds were alright and Man actually liked the Chardonnay! We weren’t able to do a tour, apparently they are only a special deal experience with Groupon. I think we will definitely come back to this vineyard.

IMG_0417 Here is us making cheesy smiles at the camera.

Check out their website here:

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