A Connecticut Winter

When I think about winter the first thought is that it is probably the same everywhere. Now I know it doesn’t snow in California, but the states where it does snow it would seem like the snow would be the same. Maybe that is a naive thought and now after seeing two different kinds of winters I’m realizing that of course they are different. They have some similarities of course, one being the temperature. It is a lot colder in Connecticut then Utah from what I’ve experienced. Also, I have never had the pleasure of experiencing a 26 degree weather that actually feels like 14 degrees. That isn’t a thing in Utah that I have had to deal with.

Here are some pretty pictures I have taken with the ever changing Connecticut winter.

These two are the views of the two lakes near my house. It was raining and the ice on the lake started to steam, absolutely beautiful. IMG_0288IMG_0289

This was just a few days ago right before experiencing some more lovely rain. It is so erie and reminds me of Sleepy Hollow.

IMG_0360Now we are getting some snow and while it doesn’t look to terrible out the schools are closed. In Utah, the schools never close. Probably because the women with 6 children need some down time, but who knows. I remember walking to school in 3 feet of snow in second grade and watching movies all day because it took kids hours to get there. Milo and Otis were our saviors.

IMG_0386 IMG_0401


Above are a couple of photos I took in the midst of a Connecticut storm. The one on the left is of our back yard during the storm and the one on the right is one of the roads right after the storm. Literally half of the roads were white, people lost their minds. Now, only a few days later and it is pouring rain. Weather has to be one of the weirdest things in life.

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