Homemade Granola Bars

Well, it has been over a week since my last post. Not that I am following a strict schedule or anything I just hoped to be writing more! We are all moved in, well the boxes are in their specific rooms, and I finally went grocery shopping so it is time to bake! Lately I’ve been watching the food network a whole lot and discovered Ree Drummond, more commonly known as The Pioneer Woman. She is FABULOUS! I’m itching to buy her cook books. But she made this easy and delicious looking granola bar the other episode and I decided now is the time to give it a try. The Man only eats granola bars for breakfast so we go through quite a few. I used some adaptations to her recipe which is located here:


For example, instead of the wheat germ, which they did NOT have at the grocery store I used a combination of 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup oats. Here are some photos to document my process since Ree doesn’t have any on the Food Network recipe page.

I chopped up my nuts first so I wouldn’t have to worry about them later.IMG_0295

Here are my two pans of the oat mix. Seriously use two pans. I’ve always dumped all the ingredients together in one bowl or on one pan but there are too many and you want to toast all those little guys.


I melted my chocolate and made the sticky mixture at the same time, because why not? Also, I ended up using an entire bag of chocolate… never skimp on the chocolate!


Pouring and stirring the sticky mixture, which smells divine as it is cooking. I love molasses!


After it was all mixed and poured into the buttered dish I couldn’t resist trying some, it was so good. In the comments of Ree’s recipe on The Food Network  a lot of people seemed to experience issues with the granola bar mixture sticking to the pan. Make sure to butter up every nook and cranny to avoid this catastrophe. You wouldn’t want your granola bars sticking to the pan after all that hard work! I myself did not have any trouble with the mixture sticking to the pan.


Next let them cool. I probably waited 30 min, or however long it took me to make an eggnog latte and drink it. This is one of the hardest things for me. I have a hard time with patience and baking. The latte probably helped a bit, get a warm beverage and sit your bum down on the couch and let those babies cool!




Instead of cutting my bars and dipping them into the chocolate like Ree I went ahead and poured my chocolate, which was pre melted, onto the top of the granola bars in the pan before they were cut. Saved myself some extra clean up.


After letting them continue to cool I’ve cut them up and stored them away. But not without another taste test. And the verdict is delicious!


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