Wine Tasting: DiGrazia Vineyards


Last weekend we had the opportunity to not only visit one vineyard, but two. The second was DiGrazia Vineyards. It is a family owned and operated winery in Brookfield Connecticut. This winery is also located in a suburb so once again thank you to google maps for not getting us lost!


The winery is very nice and homely. Inside they have so many wines available for purchase, along with all sorts of other homemade goods and wine paraphernalia. Their wines have also won a lot of awards, it is always nice to backup a nice tasting wine with a legitimate award!

IMG_0222 IMG_0223


We were able to taste 6 wines each which was perfect because there were 12 wines to try. So, naturally we chose all of them between the two of us. Tastings are $8 and you get to keep your tasting glass. Hooray! Another glass for my new collection. The tasting list below gives you some nice descriptions for all the wines we tried. My favorite was the Wild Blue. I can’t wait for summertime because I am absolutely going to make a blueberry ice cream utilizing this wine, it was delicious. My next favorite was the Autumn Spice. It is supposed to be really good heated; a mulled wine without all the work! My least favorites were the White Magnolia and the Blacksmith Port. The brandy that is added is not as subtle as the Wild Blue and I could not handle it. Brandy is clearly not my favorite.

IMG_0258 IMG_0261


After our tasting we asked if we could get a tour of the winery. They offer them for free, all you have to do is ask. The girl who gave us the tour is the daughter of the owner! Below are some of the pictures I took of their back room, their chemistry lab so to say. This is where they make the wine, where it sits for months on end, and where it is bottled. Pretty neat!

IMG_0224 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0230  IMG_0232


The vineyard overall was a pretty cool experience. They feature live music in summer and I’m sure the patio is absolutely adorable and inviting when not succumbed to winter temperatures. Find out more information at their website listed below!

When we were leaving we saw this cute fox, so I took a photo to share. I have never seen a fox in real life before! They are pretty darn cute.



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