Wine Tasting: McLaughlin Vineyards

One thing that is exceptionally exciting about Connecticut is that it has over 20 vineyards! That means over 20 different wine tastings and outings, and, that I desperately need to learn about wine. Connecticut has a program that they do in the summer called the Wine Trail where you get a “passport” and get stamps for every winery that you go to. Apparently if you get all 16 stamps from a list of specific vineyards you are entered in to win trips and prizes and all sorts of fun stuff. You can be sure that me and Man will be participating this summer!

This past weekend we went to two vineyards. The first we went to was McLaughlin Vineyards. This vineyard is located in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, in a suburb. I think most of the vineyards are in suburbs and without google we definitely would have gotten lost driving through the neighborhoods. Finally we found this sign leading us down a creepy dirt road. It was only creepy because of the sleeping trees and gloomy weather but it still made me uneasy.



When we saw the sign above, I was seriously reconsidering our adventure. But it was well worth it. Below is the tasting/selling building. The front will be so beautiful in the fall with all the trees and a nice little patio to enjoy your wine. The vineyards, below, did look a little sad and dead since it was the off season but they are still neat. We will be back when things are alive and flourishing again, I have no doubts.



We were the only ones there, surprise surprise, and thus our fabulous wine pourer told us all sorts of interesting facts about the wine. We tried four wines, three whites and one red. Man and I aren’t white wine drinkers but he actually did like a couple of them. I was impartial.

IMG_0213 IMG_0214IMG_0212IMG_0215IMG_0241

Tastings are $5 or $8 and you get to keep you cute little tasting glass. You can bet that I bought my tasting glass. We are going to have quite the collection after visiting all the wineries. We learned that Mclaughlin Vineyards is one of the oldest family run wineries in Connecticut, they use only local Connecticut artists to design their labels and, they also sell Maple Syrup, so naturally I bought some.

IMG_0210 IMG_0211

They have a lot of cool photos on their website: 

Be sure to check them out if you are interested. I would recommend a visit! Oh, and on the way in there was this bridge that I thought was cool, so I took a picture with it, enjoy.

IMG_0218 IMG_0219

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