Coffee Shop in West Hartford

When you search for local coffee shops in SLC the list is endless, there are tons of choices and each one as different and delicious as the next. My personal favorite being The Rose Establishment. When I searched for coffee shops in West Hartford, CT, my results were a bit more limited. I have found one so far that seemed worth checking out; J. René Coffee Roasters. They have their own website, link below, which was quite inviting so I figured the shop must be too. The store front was nice, very mod, take a look for yourself.


The inside wasn’t really a place that you come to hang out and enjoy your coffee while reading or chatting with friends. But they did have some cool ways to brew coffee. They have an electronic menu posted on the wall, I assume it is for easy updates but I haven’t ever seen one before. Clearly they are better than the average chalk board most coffee shops sport. On the left reads ‘Artisan Coffees’ where you have the option of choosing which way you would like your coffee brewed. Three simple steps for in house Artisan Coffee; choose your coffee, choose your brew method and then choose your size. Certain methods only allow for certain sizes. I chose the siphon method. It honestly looked a lot like a chemistry lab behind the counter. I couldn’t get a good shot as they were busy, but here is what the coffee masters brought out to me.


Now isn’t that fancy! I want to point out that I opted for 12 ounces of coffee but I’m pretty sure that fancy siphon pot is holding more than 12 oz. I am drinking the ‘El Salvador’ coffee that they roast themselves. It was pretty good, stronger than I usually drink and that right there was a lot of coffee to drink in one sitting.


Look at this fancy brewer! It wasn’t particularly heavy but I was very concerned about dropping it or breaking it. These types of brewers go for around $60 on Amazon.


I tried to read for a little bit but the surroundings weren’t all that inviting. Honestly I finished my coffee rather hastily and then left to explore the surrounding streets. I wont deny that they were friendly enough and seemed to have a good local clientele but I don’t think I would stay for more than a quick cup of coffee or perhaps to try out one of their other brew methods. I did find it fascinating that they roast their own beans and I most definitely will be back to purchase some coffee beans.


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Check out their website:


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