Moving to Connecticut

If you are wondering where “From UT to CT” started take a look at the map below and take it literally. As in I literally just moved from my hometown of Salt Lake City, UT to West Hartford, CT. Luckily I flew, as you know, with kitty and Man. Picture 1   Before I left I made sure to visit the wonderful and talented Meghan Ly at ‘Color My Nails’ to do my nails. I had some Utah nails done, repping the 801 area code, my state and the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains that surround Salt Lake. I think they turned out pretty great and serve as a small reminder of home. 040 Now here is a somewhat closer look of Connecticut. On the map it actually looks pretty small, I was surprised. Don’t be fooled by the crappy picture I took, we aren’t really on the coast (bummer!). Long Island is below that patch of water so there is more land before the actual coast. 082 We are staying in the, somewhat, lovely Homewood Suites. It isn’t terrible but I honestly thought that it would be better. There is no oven! For those who know me know I love to cook and back and I can’t do that without an oven. We do get complimentary breakfast and dinner with wine and beer, so that is a nice perk. I was very disappointed to see that the hotel did not put up any holiday decorations so I went out and bought a miniature Poinsettia to get the holiday spirit going in our painstakingly normal room. 086081 Overall, this is definitely going to be an adventure. We may be living here for a year or five or ten, you never know! But hey, as long as we know that there are new places to explore and new friends to be made it can’t be all that bad! 7faab857890228b51451541968f3014c blog sign off


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