Sugar House SLC,UT

009I have to say one of the things that I will miss most about Utah, besides my friends and family of course, is Sugar House. I grew up in Sugar House, playing at the park in the summer in elementary school, soccer in high school, riding my bike there with my friends before we could drive to go shopping. As I got older I found the brilliant restaurants and bars, the brilliance of the dollar movie theater, which will always be an old favorite. If you haven’t been to Sugar House in SLC, Utah, I strongly recommend it. Right now they are building a new condo/strip mall complex and putting in a street car. The next time I come home it will be built and no longer new. I feel sad that I am going to be missing it, but excited that my home town is growing so much and becoming a must see attraction.



You are sure to find hidden gems all over sugar house. Whether it is the fabulous sugar beets roaming the area, the local restaurants and clothing stores, or the exciting people that you might happen across. 011


The new street car is going to be so fabulous! I can’t wait to ride it next time in town.



This building has been painted all over the place representing the history of Sugar House. During the summer there are food trucks and live music. 013

This is me as I take a happy and much needed walk through my neighborhood.

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