My first Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Class

Yoga Mat This morning I mustered up all the will power that I had to make it to the 7:15am yoga class before going to work. I had planned on going last night and dutifully woke up every other hour to make sure I didn’t miss my alarm in the morning. By dutifully I mean unfortunately, this type of thing also happens when I have to catch an early flight. I made it to my yoga class on time and found that there were already people doing poses and I had no idea what was going on. It was my first Mysore Ashtanga yoga class. Ashtanga is a different form of yoga in that it is self led and while there is a teacher there she is more to help you with difficult poses than to lead the class. Since it was my first day, and luckily 3 other ladies’ first day the teacher helped us figure out what to do and how to keep going for an hour and a half. Needless to say I still pulled something in my back whilst going at my own speed doing my own variations. I am planning on going back to this class to hopefully master the sequences that come with Ashtanga yoga and I urge anyone who hasn’t tried it to check it out. It is great for beginners and experienced yogi’s as you get to know the more traditional poses and really hone in on your stretching/balance/physic/self, whatever it is that you practice yoga for. The Mysore Ashtanga Primary Series that is taught at Centered City Yoga (CCY) in SLC, UT follows the images below. You can bet that I will be practicing at home with Ringo and Man. I hope you get a chance to try it out! primary-series-sequence Image found from: blog sign off


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