Summer Brunch

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020erinkatephoto_EricaBrunch (1)



006erinkatephoto_EricaBrunch 029erinkatephoto_EricaBrunch 047erinkatephoto_EricaBrunch

I like to throw parties. Whether it is a tea party or a brunch, a dinner party or a costume party, really anything that might bring a group of friends together. I have been dabbling in the event and design world lately and used one of my brunches to show off some of my budding work. This brunch features a DIY photo booth and bad-mitten court, lots of florals and delicious homemade foods. I was lucky enough to have it featured as a Bridal Party Brunch on Pizzazzarie. Check out the post to see more photos:

Photos are all taken by Erin Kate Photography:

Designed by me, Erica Francis, of Erica Francis Designs.


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